It has been said that “An informed consumer is our best customer.”  This is especially true in the delivery of health care services.  What should you expect during your first visit to the orthodontist?  You should be told what problems exist; what tests are necessary to properly diagnose the problem and formulate a treatment plan; and in the case of a child, whether now is the appropriate time to begin treatment or whether it is best to wait until a future date to initiate treatment.

When a patient either desires to have their teeth straightened or is informed that orthodontic treatment is recommended, they should be told why it is in their best interest to undergo such treatment.  The most common reasons for seeking treatment are:

  • To improve cosmetics (crooked teeth, overbite, etc)
  • To facilitate other necessary dental work (to properly position teeth for crowns, bridges or implants)
  • To correct a jaw discrepancy or skeletal disharmony
  • To help patients maintain their periodontal status (the health of the supporting soft tissue and bone)

When you are ready to schedule your first appointment, contact any of our offices and our scheduling coordinator will assist you.