Dr. Newell and his staff work as a team to provide our patients with the highest quality orthodontic treatment in a professional and caring atmosphere. Our clinics provide orthodontic treatment for children and adults ranging from limited tooth movement with retainers, full treatment with fixed appliances, cleft lip and palate, and complex orthognathic surgical cases. We also work with your family dentist as well as numerous other dental specialists to coordinate your orthodontic care.
The appliances and treatment we provide is based on the latest research which enables us to achieve your desired result efficiently. We look forward to meeting with you and helping you achieve the beautiful smile you desire. We have offices located in Spirit Lake, Iowa, and also Worthington and Windom, Minnesota.

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Will I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Most patients we see do not have the adequate space for their wisdom teeth. They will be evaluated upon completion of your treatment and you will be advised whether removal will be necessary or not.

Will my teeth move back after treatment is complete?

We normally take preventative measures to limit the tendency for relapse such as fiberotomies and frenotomies. However, your cooperation in wearing your retainers as instructed after you have your braces removed is essential to maintaining the desired results of your treatment.

What is frenotomy?

It is the clipping of the frenum, a connective tissue attachment from the upper or lower lip to the bone between the central incisors. Sometimes the fibers run between the teeth and cause a space. The pull of the frenum in the lower arch can cause recession of the gingival tissue around the teeth.

What is fiberotomy?

It is a procedure that is done by a periodontist that releases the elastic fibers that run from tooth to tooth in a figure-8 pattern. These fibers are stretched when teeth are rotated, intruded, or extruded with braces and they will cause relapse. It is a simple, relatively painless procedure to have done and heals within a couple of days.

I got hit in the mouth, do I need to come in to be checked?

If you have moved a tooth from trauma, have bleeding around the tooth, if it is mobile, or sore, then you should be checked by your family dentist. If they have to move the tooth back into place it is better to have anesthetic to make you more comfortable.